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Hot New Indie Comic Gekido



Pop culture fans are encouraged to check out Gekido #1  available June 27th the comic book and the Cleo Action Figure both seen on AMC TV’s Comic Book Men, E! Entertainment Television’s Ice Loves Coco (Ice-T and Coco), and the Howard Stern show’s 100 News.
Co-Created and drawn by Image Comics’ official Spawn #30 poster artist (Graig Weich of BeyondComics.TV), Gekido (“Wrath” in Japanese) is an action-drama series that depicts an ageless warrior-assassin fighting throughout the centuries to discover who wiped out his memory and why. His mission to uncover the lies that have manipulated and destroyed his life is only the beginning. He must fight his way through an ancient merciless Ninja Clan lead by his oldest nemesis, Lord Shinryu (starring Cary Tagawa; Shang Tsung of Mortal Kombat and star of The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime TV) and the Goddess of Seduction, Cleo (starring Coco Austin from E! TV’s Ice Loves Coco).  The book also stars Adrianne Curry (Stan Lee’s Super Fans) and Gary “Bababooey” Dell’Abate from The Howard Stern Show. Each celebrity was officially cast and drawn as characters.

There are also 3 different signed Gekido variants offered, including a variant signed by Coco Austin, Adrianne Curry, and the book’s creative team Gekido is co-created by writer Brandon Wilson actor & American musician featured in Friday the 13th the Game

And make sure to also check out the Cleo Action Figure Deluxe Gift Set starring Coco Austin as Cleo from the Gekido comic. Using her powers to seduce and gain control over the minds of men to do her bidding, Cleo has astonishing ancient secret abilities & can shape-shift into any female, thus no one knows her true form. TBLeague / Phicen , Brandon Wilson & Graig Weich’s BeyondComics.TV bring you the very first ever licensed 1/6-scale (12″) action figure doll, utilizing cutting-edge, seamless synthetic-skin technology with a titanium steel inner skeleton, allowing for 28 points of posable articulation! It comes with a ton of accessories including 2 Egyptian dogs, throne chair, a 48 page comic book and 2 posters.

Coco as Cleo Figure


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