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Review: Black Panther



Black Panther pulls no punches. Ryan Coolger weaves a story which trumps Marvel Cinematic’s Best. Ye, I’m looking at you Iron Man Winter Soldier. This film covers any missteps by maintaining a rigours pacing that keeps the film balanced and keeps the viewer on edge.

Eric B Jordan’s “Villain” KillMonger blurs the line of good and bad, emotionally delivering an empathic performance that keeps you guessing on how Chadwick Boseman’s “Black Panther” will overcome his adversary. All Actors bring their best to the silver screen, but one seemingly steals the show instantly; Letita Wright’s “Shuri”, the younger sister of “Tchalla”, the Black Panther.

Shee seemingly takes center stage as the heart and soul of the film, as well as controller of the puns. Without any spoilers, Black Panther is an inspirational journey that sets a standard for the culture, but its representation is what breaks stereotypes with a fusion of modernization and classical in the Marvel universe. Truly a movie you should go see. Grab a quick look at the Black Panther trailer below and gear up to go to a movie cinema near you as soon as possible.

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