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Matte Gray BMW M6 Gran Coupe Looking Stunning On Vossen’s



The well-known fact is that BMW can design some epic looking vehicles. While its successor – the BMW 8 Series – is underway, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is still one of the best looking four-door coupes out there. The elongated silhouette of the vehicle, matched with aggressive styling details and impressive engines, all make the outgoing 6 Series a rather fetching vehicle. Powered by a 4.4 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine delivering 560 horsepower (412 kW) and maximum torque of 502 lb-ft (680 Newton meters), the M6 exerts some impressive performance. The vehicle will sprint from 0-62 mph (0-100km/h) in as low as 4 seconds, with its top speed limited to 250 km/h (155 mph).

Matte Gray BMW M6 Gran Coupe on Vossen Wheels

But, since the vehicle’s six-year-old design is showing some signs of old age, the owner of this vehicle decided to give his ride a more refined, updated look. This is done thanks to a beautiful Matte Gray wrap and some Vossen HF-1 Hybrid Forged Series wheels. The matte wrap gives the 6 Series quite a breathtaking look, further accentuating its beefed-up body lines. On the other hand, the split five-spoke wheels from Vossen add that perfect finishing touch.

Matte Gray BMW M6 Gran Coupe on Vossen Wheels

These Vossen HF-1 Hybrid Forged Series wheels are sized 22×9 and 22×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The wheels feature a Tinted Matte Gunmetal finish, perfectly complementing the Matte Gray exterior.

Grab a detailed look at this stunning-looking Matte gray BMW M6 Gran Coupe on Vossen’s in the media gallery below.

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