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The Cool Gift Tinker Hatfield Gave Michael Jordan for His Birthday



Honestly, buying gifts for wealthy people is a pain in the ass. They mostly have everything they’ve wanted and that’s particularly the case with people who go a step beyond just wealthy. Just like Michael Jordan.

The greatest basketball player ever to lace them up is supposedly worth $1.6 billion and his 55th birthday this weekend surely produced a lot of headaches for his friends and family. With a range of connections in pretty much every facet of fashion, culture, and industry, Michael pretty much has the opportunity to get his freakishly large hands on anything he wants. And he can get it quickly. So, if you are the legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, what do you buy MJ for his birthday?

It seems Tinker had it covered:  “This weekend is fun for him. He gets to do some business and also have his birthday party, but after this I happen to know he’s going to be on some vacation,” Hatfield said at a Jordan Brand event in Los Angeles, reports Sole Collector. “I won’t divulge where [Jordan is going skiing]. But my birthday present to him this year was 2 pairs of brand new custom-made skis.”

He continued: “It’s fun to watch him on a slope, and I’ve skied with him, because he has this cool rhythm as he goes down,” Hatfield said while mimicking Jordan’s skiing. “He doesn’t really turn that quick, but he loves to go fast with these big hawking turns. When he crashes, he thinks it’s hilarious. We have a lot of fun.”

If you’re on some ski slope and a tall celebrity flies by you, don’t be surprised if its Michael Jordan on his custom pair of skis. Meanwhile, grab a look at MJ’s top 10 dunks of his career right below.

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