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A Significant And Highly Unusual iOS 11 Update Released



This past weekend, Apple released a rather significant iOS 11 update. For many, this is a highly unusual step as the company usually releases updates on Tuesdays. The update comes just hours after iOS 11.1.2 bug started crashing iPhones using third-party apps which deployed recurring notifications for things like reminders. The newest iOS update addresses both these issues, but also, brings on a few new features as well.

The biggest new feature for iOS is Apple Pay Cash (in the U.S.). This allows users to send money to each other through iMessage – something seen with an app like Venmo. After the funds being sent, the cash is then deposited on an Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app, which can be used to purchase goods through Apple Pay or transferred to a bank account.

Further additions in the iOS 11.2 include the fast wireless charging for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models. This includes the 7.5-watt speeds through Qi-based charging pads that allow devices to be topped up in a shorter period of time. Additionally, according to sites like The Verge it is highly recommended that you download the new software update if your iPhone experienced crashes mentioned here.



Source: High Snobiety

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