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Apple iPhone X Is the “Most Breakable Ever” According to This Test



If you are living under a rock, someplace on Mars, you may not know about the new Apple iPhone X. If you are calling this planet your habitat, you’ve probably heard of the $1,000+ smartphone that’s been hitting the tech (and any other website) in recent weeks. While the phone clearly has its own perks (price not one of them, clearly), there are people who are willing to put this marvel of industrial design and marketing to a rather impactful (no pun intended!) test.

People from SquareTrade ran a series of impact tests to see just how durable Apple’s newest $1,000 smartphone really is and whether the phone is worth a rather hefty price tag. The tests included a face-down drop test, side and backdrop tests, water dunk test, tumble test and a repairability analysis. In the video below, you’ll be able to see the results – and they aren’t pretty. According to this test, the iPhone X is the most breakable, most expensive to buy and most expensive iPhone to repair, ever. In a nutshell, if you copped the iPhone X, be very careful.

Or get a case.

We’re clear on the appeal of the X and half of our editorial staff is aiming to get one, as the device does offer some impressive work and fun features. Check out the video below for a full showcase of these tests.

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