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Tinder Is Now the Top-Grossing iOS App



Ever since we embarked on doing a rundown of our Tinder experience almost six months ago, the dating app kept pushing out interesting updates. A few days ago, Tinder revealed a service they call Tinder Gold. The service allows you to see a collection of people who swiped right on you. In a nutshell, it allows you to skip the line (kinda) and simply pick the low hanging fruit from the pool of women/men who liked you on the dating app. Now, it seems that the subscription model – including Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold – have pushed the dating app to the top of the sales charts on iOS. Amazing!

Now, the users can choose the $9.99 a month Tinder Plus service and/or add the Tinder Gold subscription, which runs $4.99 USD per month – on top of the $9.99 a month Tinder Plus service. The service is slated to arrive on Android devices next month, where Tinder Gold will make the users on this mobile operating system capable of utilizing the same level of services as iPhone users.

Personally, I am not surprised that this app reached the top of the sales charts. I use it. My friends use it. It’s a simple and elegant way of weeding out the people you don’t fancy or whom you don’t have any real connection, leaving you with a dating pool that’s constructed of people who you like physically and personality wise, making the high-stressed dating world, seem a bit less stressful.

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