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Supreme’s Hair Clippers Sold out in Under 10 Seconds Yesterday



Supreme’s insane FW17 Accessories – which dropped yesterday – included an electric guitar, chopsticks and … hail clippers. The latter is probably the most impressive item on the list, as this thing dropped and went away in literally seconds. Well 10 Seconds, to be exact.

If you think these are some out of the ordinary hair clippers – they clearly are not. But everything that features the Supreme logo these days, sells quickly. While ten secods is nothing in real life (depending on which side of the door to the toiler you are standing, naturally), online it’s a whole different situation. Supreme products tend to sell out in the speed of light. Same happened with their accessory lineup, which dropped yesterday morning. Check out the list of Supreme items and how fast they sold out right below.

Oh yeah, who ever is trimming their hair with the Supreme clippers is probably one fancy individual.

Source: High Snobiety

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