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Microsoft Unveils the Xbox One X



In recent months, a lot has been said/rumored about the latest Microsoft gaming device. Dubbed “Project Scorpio,” the new Xbox One X is the most powerful consoles the company has ever revealed. The official reveal comes just days after Microsoft teased what looks to be one of the Xbox One X’s main punchline: “Feel True Power.”

How come Microsoft dubs it the most powerful console ever? Well, the Xbox One X comes with a WHOPPING six teraflops of graphical power. Even more than the PS4 Pro which pushes 4.2 teraflops. That’s plenty of firepower to churn out modern games in impeccable quality and high-resolution for sure.

Additionally, this is also the smallest Xbox ever produced. It features a custom GPU engine, running at 1172Mhz – a nice improvement over the previous Xbox One’s 853Mhz and the PS4 Pro’s 811Mhz. The Xbox One X additionally comes with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive for 4K movies and entertainment. You will also get a 1TB of storage for your downloadable content; games, movies, music. The Xbox One X comes with a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber cooling, normally reserved for high-end PC gaming.

The Xbox One X launch is set for November 7 at stores worldwide. It will come with a retail price of $499 USD, £449, 499 euro, 599 Canadian dollars, and 649 Australian dollars.

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